E-mail in a Nutshell

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by Mathews,

By Alexis Leon & Mathews Leon, Leon TechWorld, 1998.

E-mail in a Nutshell

Frustrated by high telephone bills? Tired of illegible fax messages? Need to communicate with California or New York without staying up until midnight? Want a cost-effective alternative to the regular (snail) mail? Want to reach a person across the globe in a matter of seconds? Electronic mail or e-mail is for you. With an e-mail connection you can convert your PC from an isolated computing utility into a node on the global communication network. You can do this using very little additional hardware and software and the information in this book.

Electronic mail permits hundreds of millions of people throughout the world to communicate with one another. This book is for people who want to use their e-mail effectively and efficiently. It will tell you what is e-mail, how it works, what you need to get connected, tips and tricks to make you more productive and efficient with your e-mail, free and useful e-mail services, and a lot more.

There are a lot of books on e-mail out in the market. But this book gives you the essentials that you need to set-up and use your e-mail system. It gives the necessary facts with no frills. This book is by no means a comprehensive reference book on e-mail. This is a small and handy book, which you can carry with you and refer whenever you want. You will find most of the information you need about e-mail in this book.