IT Tools and Applications

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by Mathews,

By Alexis Leon & Mathews Leon, Vijay Nicole Imprints Pvt. Ltd., 2004.

IT Tools and Applications

The Information Technology or IT is revolutionizing the way, in which we live and work. It is changing all aspects of our life and lifestyle. The digital revolution has given mankind the ability to treat information with mathematical precision, to transmit it at very high accuracy and to manipulate it at will. These capabilities are brining into being a whole world within and around the physical world. The amount of calculational power that is available to mankind is increasing at an exponential rate. Computers and communications are becoming integral parts of our lives.

A few decades back communications used to be between people-one person to another. But now inanimate objects are getting into the act-books can tell the cash registers how much they cost, identity cards can tell the door lock whether to open or not, automated guided vehicles can tell the host computer where they are in the shop floor and what they are carrying and when they will be free, missiles can compare the landscape with their own map and hit the target with pin-point precision, on the Internet people engage in lively chats and discussions, play games even if they are physically in different continents.

The changes mentioned above in computation and communication adds up to what is called the information revolution or IT revolution. To survive in this information world one must keep pace with these changes. This book is written to serve as an introduction to Information Technology. The book deals with the fundamental concepts, technologies and theories as well as advanced concepts and practical applications. The book starts with an introduction to computers and telecommunications and then later deals with the latest developments and technologies. This book also includes sections that will enable a person to perform basic tasks like using a word processor, an electronic spreadsheet or a presentation package.