Introduction to Information Systems

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by Mathews,

By Alexis Leon & Mathews Leon, Vijay Nicole Imprints Pvt. Ltd., 2004.

Introduction to Information Systems

The information technology is changing the way business is being done. The speed of change in today’s connected world is so high that many organizations are finding it difficult to cope with the changing business rules. The traditional methods of doing business are being replaced by newer, faster and innovative methods that were not thought possible a few years back.

This is the age of information explosion. Today people are suffering from information overload. When the decision-makers are bombarded with information, the information making process becomes slow and the quality of decisions will suffer. In today’s information age, information is a competitive weapon.

The information systems (IS) departments in today’s organizations play a vital role in collecting, collating, analyzing and getting relevant and accurate information to the decision makers at the right time. In this process the IS departments make use of the advancements of IT extensively.

This book-Introduction to Information Systems-explains how IT can help in building better and efficient Information Systems (IS) and how IT helps the modern IS departments to function more efficiently, accurately and effectively.