Fundamentals of Database Management Systems

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by Mathews,

By Alexis Leon & Mathews Leon, Vijay Nicole Imprints Pvt. Ltd., 2006.

Fundamentals of Database Management Systems

Databases and database management systems have been the backbone of enterprise computing for the past many years. The market is growing bigger in terms of size, and will continue to gain prominence in the coming years. With the consolidation, standardization and centralization of IT systems underway in most organizations, the demand for highly scalable and reliable database systems is on the rise. Earlier database management systems were used by only very large players such as the government, the banking, financial services and insurance sector, telecom, IT services, manufacturing, and the retail sector.

Reduced implementation costs, advancements in technology, growth of the e-business sector, and increased popularity of the Internet and WWW are the factors responsible for the increased used of database systems. The availability of databases and database management systems that is suited for small businesses to multinational organizations and the awareness about the advantages of database systems have made databases an integral part of every business enterprise irrespective of their size.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where information is a strategic weapon, the demand for databases and database management systems is increasing exponentially. Organizations need skilled professionals to implement and manage their databases. The employees need to know the database basics to analyze the data and use it for effective decision-making. So, the demand for people with good knowledge of databases and database management systems is increasing and will continue to do so in the future.

This book is written with the objective of making you an expert in the fundamentals of database management systems.The book contains 37 chapters and one appendix (model question papers).